Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Legend of the Frozen Empire - Rune Coop mod



Legend of The Frozen Empire The day has come, it's 01.09.2014! As we promised we will release LOTFE on this day, which came true!

~~What is LOTFE?

Voy started the project originally, it was a small coop back in time. I (S.Boss) made a singleplayer mod years ago, but I stopped editing it( bugs, crashes, missing files... ). While playing Rune on a server, I met Voy who showed me his coop. I also showed him my unfinished singleplayer, or at least what remained from it... There were some correctly working maps, so I told Voy, I give them to him. I helped him with things like triggers or some fixes, later I decided to fix my SP maps to make them appropriate coop maps. Next, I joined him to finish the coop, I started editing totally new maps with Voy. Now, here we are with 40 coop maps ready to play for the Rune community, have fun!

Download: Moddb.com


- 40 Coop maps - New Textures - New Enemies - New Decorations - New Pickups - New Sounds - New Weapons - New Shields - New Foods - Secret Places - Ambient musics on the maps

- Further details are included in the ReadMe files!

( Installation, History of the Mod, Plot of the Coop, etc. )

Here are some screenshots from the finished Coop mod!

If you are interested in the full gameplay, here are the videos! ( Record and Edit by Onaga ) (Playlist) Youtube.com

Now, let us see the servers running LOTFE, we just hope we didn't make this large Coop for 5 players!

Have fun! - LOTFE Team

~~LOTFE Team:

//====================================================================== // - Voy: Lead designer, maps, textures, sounds. // - S.Boss: Lead designer, maps, textures, sounds, scripts. //====================================================================== //~~ Credits: // - Onaga: Lots of helping, PrinceSword rework, import, fix, // GladiatorArena fix, also recorded gameplay for us! // Moreover, he made a trailer without even asking :P // - MinYS: Textures for enemies, shields, etc. // Voice acting and Textures for Seadog! // - Giskard: PrinceSword base model. // - TG MOD: Decoration ideas: locked doors, keetles, fancy lamps. //======================================================================

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