Saturday, October 20, 2012

Italian Warriors

So if you've been playing Rune lately, you may have noticed the heavy activity on the Italian Warrior server. It's very glitchy, but it's always listed as being populated, so players tend to visit it before any other server out there. Players have the option of voting for the maps they wish to play on. I like that. It's a fun server, but it's kinda laggy there... :(

Also, you may have noticed a player engaged in "wall-hacking" or "dodge-hacking" or whatever it is. He moves at super-speed, and he's being a real nuisance, as he's also always fakenicking. zaza is the admin there, so if you can provide him with ideas for combating this, please let him know. Or just visit the Italian Warriors forum to leave them a message. More later. See you soon, guys! :)