Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Korgoth of Barbaria

Here's a video of a short-lived cartoon that should have been made into a full-length series. Long live Korgoth!!

Rune Walkthrough Part 1 (Village)

Every once in a while, I feel like posting videos for Rune. They can sometimes be instructional. Here, we're presented with an introduction. This video and accompanying text was originally posted by 2Seatroll2 on youtube:

"This is my Rune walkthrough, i hope you enjoy it. This walkthrough also can help if you stuck somewhere in this game and don't know where to go.

Difficulty - medium.

Part 1.
Exploration of the village and trial.

Ragnar is a young Viking warrior just coming of age. As his father prepares him for the final rites of manhood, the atmosphere of his village is tense as stories of recent raids on neighboring villages. These raids were particularly brutal, as the women-folk and children were slaughtered and the villages burned to the ground. Conrack, a cruel chieftain and follower of Loki, is said to be the cause of the raids, and his name is now spoken now only in whispers for fear that he will appear, like some evil spirit, as if from thin air. Ragnar's village is dedicated to the worship of Odin, all-father of the gods, and ruler of Asgard, the Viking heaven.

Ragnar begins his rite of manhood, but as a young warrior, he has much to prove. He fulfils his ritual, but he will not be a true warrior until he can be blooded in battle. Before the dust of the rite has settled, however, word comes of another raid at a village close by. The warriors of Ragnar's village are called upon to put an end to Conrack and his evil. Ragnar's father joins the raiding party, as does Ragnar, as the newest warrior of his village. It is Ragnar's wish to prove his manhood in valorous battle and gain entry into Valhalla.

The fate of the Norns is never what men expect, however, and the men of Ragnar's village sail off not into valor, but into a raging storm. (From official site)"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Babylon A.D. vs Touch & Go - Straight to number one

Here's a sensual video put together by a member on youtube. Clips from Babylon A.D. mixed together with the music of Touch And Go - "Straight To...Number One (Dreamcatcher's Mix)". Great, sexy music. Don't know who the girl is, but she is fine...

A Bit Of An Update..

Hey, guys! I've updated the Rune links a bit. After getting slapped around on the Eternal Resistance server, I decided to add a link to their website. I've also added the new link to the WAR clan, after their team engaged in a bit of deviltry, and made a brief return to Rune just a few days ago. More to come soon...