Sunday, August 11, 2013

ER - Rune HoV Tournament 2013 Forums

It seems like "real life" (and burnout) prevented me from mentioning this earlier, but here's a link to the ER - Rune HoV Tournament 2013 Forums.
ER - Rune HoV Tournament 2013 Forums
ER Tournament 2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013

An Update...

Well, things have changed. For me, anyway. I took a break from Rune for a while, because I was emotionally burned out. I was dealing with leaving my lifelong home, and moving to an entirely different place. It was very stressful, and Rune just wasn't important for a while. I'm beginning to adapt to my new environment though, and I just started to play Rune again last week.

Naturally, life wouldn't be normal if I wasn't suffering from an illness of some kind. I've been dealing with hives, fevers, nausea, and extreme fatigue. Oh, and did I mention that I might have re-aggravated an old shoulder injury? Life is sweet...

But, whatever. I'm still here, and I'm still playing Rune. I've been on the Zaphirs servers, as that is what's been active lately. If any of you see me on there, then hit me up, and we can bash some skulls...