Thursday, July 26, 2012

Joker vs Peter Griffin

Here's a goofy video of the Joker vs Peter Griffin. I like the music for it. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Games Have Begun!

I'm posting this rather late, but...what the hell. As posted by Frozn on Lambshack on July 12th....

"Let the games begin!

All 4 Veterans' Blood Servers are up and running. 3 US servers and 1 Eu server (maybe more to come) dedicated to the tournament. There is a special Tournament mod running on there that lets spectators in without needing a GamePassword. All fighters will receive a PM containing the Game Password.


Competitors simply need to find their opponent and can join a tournament server and begin their fight immediately. These servers are available 24-7. Spectating is encouraged so ask your friends to watch and read our howto on recording a match using Demorec in the Spectator Rules post.

*** To Winners: Please post a screenshot in a new topic here after the game is done to confirm your victory

If a pair of competitors need an admin for special terms during the fight, let us know and we will contact a serveradmin or give someone we trust a temporary admin pass for their match."