Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Legend of the Frozen Empire - Rune Coop mod (update)

Here we go again! Hi guys! Voy and Min Ys are looking for map designers for LOTFE! We would like to release a map pack for Legend Of The Frozen Empire in collaboration with the community.

Rules: -Each of the guest mappers can build up to 3 maps -It is allowed to use the textures of the original game and LOTFE but it is not allowed to modify them (because of chances of mismatch) and using your own textures -We are expecting maps that are built nicely without bugs if possible -Maps that have poor environments and/or have too many bugs will not be added -Do not use new packs and do not import anything into mylevel pack besides the screenshot of the map -Voy can modify maps anytime -Deadline TBD If you would like to participate please send a mail to vajvoy@yahoo.com

Regards Voy & Min Ys

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